We believe that health means much more than preventing diseases. Our customers want a holistic experience that addresses the entire human ecosystem, body, mind and spirit. This includes health strategies like good sleep, exercise and supplements and health outputs like optimism, vitality and longevity.

We're a Southern California based company that recognizes the powerful health impact of Organic Plant Based Oils, and have set out to create a family of products designed to meet an array of health and wellness needs.  Our products positively impact health concerns such as pain, inflammation and stress. We have solutions that are applied topically and taken orally. 

Our legacy is built on the early practitioners of holistic medicine in the artist beach culture of 1960s Laguna Beach.  By combining 21st Century evidence, based on chemistry and technology, we have created a family of natural pain management and wellness solutions for everyone.  

Live free of pain, sleeplessness and stress naturally with Laguna Canyon Organics.  Try our products today!  And feel free to reach out with any questions or comments at 800-674-3803

We invite you to join the Laguna Canyon Organics community, find the right wellness solution for you and increase positive outcomes in your life!