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Laguna Canyon Organics Launches New Web Site To Deliver Best-In-Class Hemp Oil Products

LAGUNA BEACH, CA – May 26, 2019 – After years of research and planning, Laguna Canyon Organics has created a comprehensive family of Hemp Oil products now shipping via their web platform. “The research over the past 10 years showcasing the efficacy of Hemp Oil or commonly referred to as CBD has proven our products are positioned well in the holistic medicine space. After the President signed the new Farm Bill in January this year it became even more evident that Hemp Oil or CBD was clearly headed for the main stream and no longer lingered in the realm of cannabis products that are not legal in all states. Our product is derived from Industrial Hemp and is formulated with less than .3% THC per federal regulations.  All natural supplements and topicals that deliver amazing results.” said Bob Murphy, CEO and Founder of Laguna Canyon Organics.

The web site has many options for the delivery of Hemp Oil to the body including; transdermal patches, soft gels, salves and roll-on’s just to name a few. “Depending on the target, we wanted to give our customers a choice on how they use our products”

“The opportunity to change lives through the use of Hemp Oil is staggering. It is predicted that the Hemp Oil market will reach 22 billion in the next 3 years and 50 billion by 2026. Those numbers alone don’t mean much unless you put them up against the back drop that this market did 217 million in 2017. Our plan is to dominate the Digital Market landscape and our systems are ready for the immense growth that is being predicted.” said Scott Worthington VP of Systems and Marketing.

About Laguna Canyon Organics:

We believe that health means much more than preventing diseases. Our customers want a holistic experience that addresses the entire human ecosystem, Body, mind and spirit. This includes health strategies like nutrition and medicine, health outputs like optimism and vitality, and long-term health outcomes like serenity, resilience and most importantly, authentic satisfying relationships. Our legacy is built on the alternative innovations that were brought into public consciousness through the early practitioners of holistic medicine in the artist beach culture of 1960s Laguna Beach.  By combining 21st Century evidence based chemistry and technology we have created a family of natural pain management and wellness solutions that deliver pharmaceutical class pain relief for everyone.  We are for athletes, performers, recovering and rehabilitating patients and anyone needing relief from post workout recovery aches and pains, stress, anxiety and other human ecosystem system conditions.

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Will the CBD & Hemp Oil producers/retailers benefit from today's FDA hearing?

LAGUNA BEACH, CA - May 31, 2019 - The Food and Drug Administration is holding its first public hearing on CBD, the cannabis extract that has quickly grown into a billion-dollar industry. Today's hearing will help officials determine how to regulate CBD products. The goal of the hearing is to gather information on a wide range of topics related to products containing these compounds. Dozens of interested parties are scheduled to speak, including doctors, consumers and members of the cannabis industry. Cannabidiol, or CBD, is a compound that can be extracted from marijuana or from hemp. It doesn't get people high because it doesn't contain THC, the psychoactive component of the cannabis plant. “Without the FDA’s guidance and leadership, individual states may carve out their own regulatory exceptions for CBD,” Joseph Reardon of the North Carolina Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services, said, noting that his state’s hemp industry has greatly expanded in recent years. “We urge the FDA to resolve the statutory issues and properly establish a legal pathway for CBD products to enter the market place.”

“The 2018 farm bill lifted longtime restrictions on hemp, meaning that hemp would no longer be regulated as a controlled substance. It's our hope that today’s meeting will get the FDA moving on a regulatory framework that is fair to the little guys as well as the major pharmacy chains which have already moved to offering CBD related products to a select number of stores” said Bob Murphy, CEO and Founder of Laguna Canyon Organics.

“The opportunity to change lives using hemp oil is staggering. It is predicted that the hemp oil or CBD market will reach $22 billion in the next 3 years and $50 billion by 2026. Those numbers alone don’t mean much unless you put them up against the backdrop that this market did $217 million in 2017.” said Scott Worthington, VP of Systems and Marketing at Laguna Canyon Organics.

How the FDA will end up regulating the industry and how long it will take remain uncertain. Those prospective regulations have become a fierce battleground. Meanwhile, the market is expanding at an alarming rate.

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