Reseller Wholesale Programs

We own the manufacturing and we own the quality

Laguna Canyon Organics collective experience in manufacturing and distribution is over 50 years.  Partnering with us opens the door to the highest quality California made Industrial Hemp products.

Innovative Products that differentiate your retail proposition to your customers

We create products that are unique and effective so your customers grow a deep loyalty and experience effective results by using any product in our portfolio.  And this keeps them coming back!

Resell our brand or let us help you apply your branding to our solutions

Because we have the entire design and production capabilty In House, we can cost effectively create special brands and offerings that communicate your unique look and feel.  From branded products to full retail merchandising solutions, Laguna Canyon Organics provides complete turn key solutions.         

Custom Created Retail Solutions Specifically for Your Brand!

Call us for a professional consultation!