Customer Stories

Dave and Laurie Moore

Dave and Laurie are one of our earliest customers.  Dave has found comfort for aches and pains with ABSORB+ 2000m CBD Ointment:  "I'm winding down in life preparing to retire.  My work has been very physical and I have lingering issues with my back neck and wrists.  Laguna Canyon Organics products have been a huge blessing.  I always keep a jar of ABSORB+ handy".  Laurie loves REVIVE.  She uses it regularly along with the EXTEND adhesive patch.

Lucy Wojskowicz - Holistic Health Practitioner

"There are many things about Laguna Canyon Organics products I love.  Mostly the reaction I get from my clients.  They are always amazed when I integrate the topicals into my treatments and massages.  And a nice added benefit is how it helps my hands.  I give many treatments daily and the massage oils and ointments help me keep up the pressure all day long"

Cherisse Johnson

"I was first encouraged to try Laguna Canyon Organics tincture for my mood.  ENTOURAGE+ has been so good at helping me in my daily routine.  I'm especially concerned about maintaining mental presence so I can stay connected and conscious with my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.  The Laguna Canyon Organics tincture helps me with a calming effect without any impact on my mental state.  It's really been a true game changer for me"